Do you need Google Ads in 2020 and beyond?

Are you thinking about using Google Ads to market your business?

In late 2000 Google Adwords was born and then in 2018, it was rebranded to its current form Google Ads. I am almost certain that you will have seen and clicked on a Google Ad at some point and so too have your clients.

Google Ads is not SEO (search engine optimisation)

It is very important to realise that these are two separate things. Google ads are paid ads that run on Google and SEO is work that is done on your website (backend and frontend) to help your business show up in the organic search results (unpaid results).

Pay per click (PPC) Google Ads

  • The type of advertising that Google Ads offers is PPC.
  • What this means is that you pay whenever someone clicks on your ad. With PPC if no one clicks your ad then you are not charged any money.
  • Google ads will stick to a specific daily budget that you set and once you reach your daily budget the ads stop showing until the next day. You can choose automated bidding or manual bidding across your advertising up to your daily budgeted spend. PPC works as an auction with the highest bidder winning the top position for a search term (keywords). That said it is important that your ads are focussed and strong to generate the right clicks through to your business. 
  • With Google Ads, you will boost the traffic to your website or phone where you can then convert these visitors to customers.

Why Google Ads

  • The number one reason to choose Google Ads is that Google is the most used search engine available with an average of 3.5 billion search queries each day. It is a trusted go-to resource where people find the answers they are looking for, do research and shop daily.
  • On average, according to Google, there is an $8 return for every dollar spent on Google Ads. 
  • Chances are that your competitors are using Google Ads and may even be using your business name or brand name to promote their business. What this means is that even when people search your business, your competitor’s ads are showing in the results.
  • You can be location-specific which makes it perfect for local business wanting to appear in front of their local clientele.

Have you tried Google Ads?

Perhaps you have tried Google Ads previously without success. It is not always the answer for every business but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Here are some reminders:

  • Keywords are a constant work in progress
  • You need to match what your ideal clients are looking for
  • Your landing page for the ad needs to be optimised for conversions

Ad types

Search ads – These are the ones that you may be most familiar with as they show on the Google search result pages.

Responsive search ads – These are just like the search ads but the content keeps changing and looking for the best combination for your ad.

Display Ads – These have images that relate to your business within the display network. You may have noticed these on websites, particularly for products.

Video ads – You will see these on Youtube, before a video, during and often at the end of a video you may be watching.

So do you need Google Ads?

At My Sassy Business, we can provide you with both the setup and management of your Google ads. We work on your ads every week to improve the results you are getting and ensure that we are driving the traffic to your website.

Contact us for a quote on your Google Ads creation and management. 

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