Do you have Social Media KPI’s

While we are all hearing about changes that the social media platforms are making – what changes are you making? How are you going to improve what you are doing online via your social media in the coming months?

Do you have social media KPI’s that you track and follow or do you just post something and hope for the best? Then complain that social media takes up too much time and you just don’t see the results!

80 Billion social media users posted in 2017 & 95% of 18-34-year-olds prefer to follow brands through social media.

Believe it or not, a potential client will check out your social media before they do business with you. They will also check out your website – so how do your website and your social media accounts look?

It is not just about likes


Your follower count is just the tip of the iceberg – how much do these followers engage with your brand?


Check out the website traffic you get from social accounts – Google Analytics is perfect for this.

Do you have Social Media KPI’s

Seeing which of your social accounts is bring the best traffic can help to ensure you are doing the right things with these accounts.

Shares, Comments and likes – in this order too as shares indicate a love of what you are posting. With the changes coming to Facebook, comments will be an essential show of your engagement as Facebook wants to see people talking back and forth.

Mentions – Is your business getting mentioned by other businesses?


How many people bought from you after they found you online?

How many just looked, without buying?

Who looked, asked for a quote and then didn’t buy?

Who subscribed and may buy later?


How many reviews does your business have on social media?

Do you regularly ask for reviews or do they appear naturally?

Do you always respond to these reviews to thank the customer for taking their time to leave a review?80 Online Marketing Ideas for Small Business


Social media is a great way to generate business for all types of businesses – use it well and you will see the rewards.

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