Do you have an integrated marketing plan?

Integrated marketing is about creating a seamless experience for your ideal clients to interact with your business. It should work to integrate all aspects of your marketing and work together to be consistent in the delivery of your marketing. 

For some businesses, this can be a little tricky as there are MANY ways you can market your business. Picking the right ones can take some trial and error to see the desired results. 

Remember that there will be various aspects of the journey that people take before they do business with you. From attraction to action, then conversion and future engagement you want to create long term raving fans for your business. When you integrate all your efforts you will have more people attracted to your business and then be able to convert them to customers.

For example:

McDonald’s and its logo is the most recognised brand in the world and yet it continues to advertise extensively. Why! To remind all consumers about McDonald’s. If they decided to slow or stop their advertising, other brands would overtake the top of mind that McDonald’s has. Not to mention wherever you see McDonald’s it is instantly recognisable due to its consistent brand message, look, and feel. 

For a small business, we just need to market our businesses on a smaller scale. We don’t have the budget that McDonald’s has but we can learn from their efforts and their consistency. It is essential that everything from your website to social media to advertising and more is consistent in its look, feel and message. Choose the following marketing items to form your integrated marketing plans and gain marketing success. 

It includes:

SEO – Search engine optimisation

Your website needs to be optimised ongoing to ensure that you keep appearing in the search results of Google and online search engines. SEO is one marketing essential that should not be ignored as chances are your competitors are working on it. The higher others rank the lower your business will rank in search results. 

Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin

Your social media needs to be optimised and your posts need to be frequent and consistent. Doing this will ensure that your online presence is visible to the right people and as a result, you will be noticed and stay top of mind. For example, how can your business be noticed if you are only posting once each week and everyone else in your industry posts daily? The results for your business will be almost non-existent.What is social Commerce

Why not outsource your social media and get on with doing what you love in your business. You will be glad of the extra time to do other things.

Website – Modern, mobile responsive and SSL secure

Is your website a professional representation of your business? Do you have up to date content, images and prices? Could it use a refresh to ensure your look is consistent? Your ideal clients want to see that your website is up to date and modern so they can expect an up to date service/product from you too.

Google Ads – Paid ads in the search results

Have you thought about adding paid advertising to help your new and existing clients and customers find you? Do your competitors show up in the ads when your business is searched? Ask us how you can show up in your competitors results too!

Content – Everything written about your business

Is the content on your website and throughout your business tools up to date and relevant? Does it answer your clients/customers questions? Do you illustrate the benefits of using your business so people know why they should choose you?

Email Marketing – Marketing straight to your database

Choosing email marketing is one of the best things to integrate into your marketing. You are sending content directly to your database and helping them to take action with your business. The action people take is up to you – ensure your email campaigns worthwhile.

Advertising – Paid ads for your business

From social media to business directories and more, there are many ways to advertise your business. Choose a platform that will show your business in its best light and infant of the right people. 

Landing pages – Where are you sending your potential and existing customers

However you choose to promote your business, you need to ensure that the link you send people to is ideal for them. Creating specific landing pages for your marketing will achieve great results.

Integrated marketing is effective because

  • It will reach a wider audience
  • Trust is built as your message is consistent
  • Costs may be lower as the assets can be shared

How are you going to ensure that your marketing presents a unified front to remain top of mind with your ideal clients? Creating an integrated marketing plan is key to the success of your business being found by your ideal clients.

Do you already have an integrated marketing plan?

If you need help with your marketing plan or help to get your business found online, contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business. 

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