Digital traffic to your business is a long game

One of the key principles of digital marketing is TRAFFIC.

Traffic both to and from your website.

This ‘traffic’ will find your website in various ways. These various ways can be grouped into two areas organic traffic and paid traffic. 

Organic traffic

This is the free traffic that arrives at your website without a paid influence. They may have seen your organic posts on social media or typed a question into Google as an example.

Organic traffic is not 100% out of your control but real results are not going to happen overnight either. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the tool we use to grow your organic traffic in the search results of platforms like Google. Regular and consistent posting to your social media profiles is the tool we use to grow your organic traffic from social media.

Paid traffic 

This is the paid advertising that you run for your business. These ads may be via Google or via social media for example. 

Paid traffic is like a light switch. It only works when it is switched on and there is power from your credit card $$. If you flick off the switch, your paid traffic goes away too. 

Do you know 

  • how many visitors do you get to your website each month
  • how many of those visitors do you convert to customers/clients
  • where those visitors came from
  • how you are going to get more
  • Is your website connected to Google Analytics

Do you have

  • marketing that covers both organic and paid methods
  • a consistent plan for your marketing
  • the right social media platforms for your business

Are you in business for the long game?

The interesting thing about people is that we all expect immediate results. This need for immediate gratification is a 21st-century reality.

You need to decide for yourself if you are going to work hard in all the necessary areas to ensure that your business is successful long-term. 

If you are in business for the long game your digital traffic needs to have a long game too. You don’t want to be in the dark with none of your ideal clients able to find your business, instead, they find your competitors!

Work with My Sassy Business today on the long game for your business. We can develop an integrated marketing plan that drives digital traffic to your business.


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