Digital marketing mistakes to avoid

Mistakes happen and they are sometimes difficult to avoid. With the frequent changes in the online world, it is easy to make mistakes.

Here are the top common digital marketing mistakes to avoid when marketing your business online.

Targeting everyone

Are you a hairdresser trying to market to everyone with hair?

Perhaps you are a beautician marketing to everyone with a face!

These types of strategies are not ideal for small business. Unless you have the marketing budget of Nike you cannot be marketing to everyone. Don’t make this simple mistake, take the time to know who wants what you have on offer.Ideal Clients

Not knowing your ideal client

There is not one bit of marketing that should ever be done without knowing your ideal client. You need to go into detail and create clear pictures of who your ideal clients are. Demographics, objections to buying, motivations to buy and so much more.

Recently I saw an ad on social media for fresh fruit delivery, when I clicked on the ad through to their website I found they did not deliver to my area. This is a massive and easily avoidable mistake. Not only did they pay for my click, but they also lost a potential customer who was ready to buy. 

Forgetting mobile users

Smartphone usage when it comes to browsing online is over 50% with the remaining on desktop and tablet, and still, many businesses neglect to optimise for this.

Google gives priority ranking to websites that are optimised for mobile devices.

Are you losing business by not being optimised for mobile?

Neglecting your customers

It is easy to be focussed on attracting new customers as this is how your business grows. However, you also must find time to ensure that your existing customers receive the attention they need and deserve.

After purchasing sheets online approximately 3 months ago I just received an email from them suggesting what would match my previous purchase. Instantly I was curious and ready to add to my collection from this company.

It is 6 or 7 times more expensive to find a new customer than it is to up-sell to your current ones.

Retailers not offering promotions

If you are a retailer you need to reward new and existing customers. It is what people expect and it encourages people to visit your website and to buy.

For example: Coupons are a great way to reward people for offering your their email address.

Not using SEO

More than 90% of online experiences begin with a search engine like Google. 70-80% of users ignore the paid results and focus on organic results.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps to ensure that you are appearing in the search results of your ideal clients.

SEO is a long term solution to getting found online and it requires ongoing work to achieve ongoing success.

Ignoring social media

Social media is incredibly important and if you are still ignoring it, you are missing out on a complete marketing strategy.

Your clients/customers expect to see on you on social media so if they don’t see you they will see your competitors.What is social Commerce

Being on every social media site

Not every business needs to be across every social media website. Pick the ones that you know your ideal clients are likely to be using and master them. Ensure that your business profile is set up correctly and you utilise all the features correctly.

If you are selling products make sure you connect your shop to your social media. Not being connected means that you are missing potential sales as consumers are used to this online feature. 

Forgetting to reply

An issue that many businesses fall into is not replying to their customers. If you get a comment or message on one of your social accounts a speedy reply is important. Even if you outsource your social media and notice a comment come through, take the time to respond to the comment yourself. It only takes a minute and you may have a very happy customer. 

Don’t miss email replies either, no one is going to follow up an enquiry to your business and if they do they are not going to be happy about it.

Thinking that email marketing is old news

This remains a great way to stay in touch with your subscribers and it can be one of the most successful ways to generate business. Not everyone on your email list may have bought from you previously so you have an opportunity to sell to them.

Make sure not to flood peoples inboxes with emails but do make sure that you are sending enough to stay top of mind with your subscribers.

Weekly emails are essential for retail business, monthly will be better for service business. If you would like to outsource your emails – get in touch. Google is 20 years old

Overspending on paid advertising

Paid advertising is essential for almost every business, however, some businesses rely on this for all their sales. It is important that you spread the way you generate business, do not rely on one source alone.

Similarly, some businesses continue spending on ads that are not ideal for their business. Professionals take a lot of time to learn and to keep up their knowledge, outsourcing can get you better results for less money.

If your ads are driving traffic but not converting it is time to figure out why. Perhaps your website needs more work.

Thinking that content is dead

Content remains alive and well and is perfect for marketing your business.

Using a blog on your website can not only increase traffic but it can help you build confidence with your prospective customers.

You need to regularly review your websites content, your social media profiles and every other piece of content that your business produces.

Forgetting a call to action

All marketing should have a call to action so that your prospective customers know exactly what to do. This includes your website – does each page of your website have a call to action?

By remembering to always use a call to action you are more likely to get the sales/enquiries you are hoping for.

Trying to do everything

Sure in the early days of business you really need to do everything, unless you have plenty of capital. Outsourcing or delegating tasks will free up your time to focus on your business.

The right people can make all the difference to your success as a business. Digital marketing is just one of those areas that can easily be outsourced to a professional.

Expecting instant results

The key to any type of marketing success is consistency and you need to allow a reasonable amount of time to see how things are working.

Any type of digital marketing takes time and knowledge to be successful. Be patient and consistent in your efforts and you will see results.


If you need help with any or all of your digital marketing, contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business for a bespoke solution to suit your business needs.

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