Creating eye-catching social media posts

You know that you need to post on social media, you’ve heard it all before. Perhaps you have time but don’t know what to post or perhaps you have no time to post but you know you should be visible on there. Keep reading to see how you can create eye-catching social media posts that you can share daily to your platforms.

Social Media definition – websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

When you are working daily in your business it is very easy to get stuck for something to post. You struggle to think of something that may interest people and get caught up in your own head about what to write in the description of the post too. Not to mention this needs to happen every day…!!!!!

If you are overwhelmed with social media it is time to outsource. When you outsource your social media management you can still post yourself but the rest of the time you have continuity of someone else posting for you. At My Sassy Business, plenty of our clients do just this and they are seeing the benefits of keeping their profiles busy.

Things to remember

Facebook – sends more website referral traffic than any other social media platform.

Instagram – is highly visual but does not tend to drive a lot of website traffic unless you have a shopping option.

Linkedin – while remaining a professional platform is also wonderful for businesses of all types.

Pinterest – another highly visual platform it is also wonderful for getting a large reach online

Doing your own social media

While you are doing your own social media and searching for ideas you may find yourself feeling:

Low in inspiration – When you need to find something to post on social media your mind is drawing a blank.

Scratching for content – You may have an image, but what on earth do you say about the image.

Lacking consistency – Posting once, skip a few weeks, post 3 times, skip a month.

Does this sound like your current situation? Consistency is one of the most important aspects you need to stay on top of. With no social media sites showing content in chronological order the less often you post, the fewer chances you have of being seen.

Content ideas for eye-catching social media

Regardless of your type of business, there is endless opportunity to find content, images and videos to share on social media.

  • Blogs – Does your business have a blog? Both the blog post and snippets within the blog provide material for your social media posts.
  • News – Both industry news and your business news are great to share on social media.
  • Reviews/testimonials – sharing these are not bragging they are giving others the opportunity to see that you have great feedback.
  • Other peoples – Yes you can reshare other peoples content alongside your own.
  • Videos – It should be fairly obvious that videos are great content. You can share behind the scenes, how to’s, try on’s and so much more.
  • Ask a question – A great way to get your followers engaging is to ask a question or create a poll.
  • Tips and tricks – As a specialist in your field you have industry knowledge that can help your followers. Why not share a few tips and tricks to show that you are an expert.
  • Humour – The occasional funny post never goes astray on social media. Make sure that it aligns with your business and your brand and that you are not going to offend anyone. It is sometimes easy to offend so tread carefully.
  • Seasonal – Share posts about Christmas or even the chance of seasons if it is relevant to your business.
  • Team pics – Do you have a great team, share pics of them behind the scenes
  • Behind the scenes – Everyone loves a sneak peek behind the scenes, even if it is just unpacking boxes.
  • FAQ’s – Share answers to commonly asked questions and make sure they are also part of your actual FAQ page.
  • Infographics – Do you have any that your followers may enjoy seeing or can you create some?
  • Resources – Downloadable content, ebooks, your podcast and more can all be part of your social media posts.
  • Jobs – Both available jobs and new staff are perfect to share with your audience and create eye-catching social media posts.
  • Events – Are you running an event or several events, share them on social media.
  • Quotes – An inspirational quote from yourself or someone else can make an interesting post.
  • Ecommerce reviews – Showing and sharing how your product works are eye-catching for all.
  • UGC – User-generated content – Do your customers tag you, share their pics.
  • New products – While this should be obvious, many forget about it.
  • Statistics – Do you have some great industry stats, share them with your followers
  • Reshare – You can reshare the posts that are popular. There are no rules about everything having to be new and never seen before.

So are you ready to create your own eye-catching social media posts and post daily to all your accounts?

However – If you feel like this is something you would rather outsource, contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business. 

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