Create content to generate leads

Not all of us are great content creators but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. After all when it comes to writing about your business, who knows more than you?

Now you may think that writing for your business is just blogging but it is vital that you remember the rest of the content that you put into the world too.

You have content all through your website – when did you last review and update this content to ensure that your message was strong? You may send newsletters, emails, brochures, business cards and more. How long ago was this content produced and is it still relevant?

Let’s talk about the much-speculated “About Page”

The about page of a website can be thought of as a necessary page but also just a bragging page. Does anyone even take the time to read it? When did you last see an interesting about page that grabbed your attention and made you want to do business with that business? What if your about page was the reason people wanted to do business with you? What if it was the kicker that meant people were over the line and ready?

  • Who reads your about page?
  • When did you last read your about page?
  • How long ago did you write it?
  • Is it still correct?
  • Is it relevant to your ideal clients?

What are people thinking when they read your about page?

Chances are the people reading your about page are not yet your customers so they are looking to learn about you and your company. So here is the kicker – you have the opportunity to turn these people into your clients.

Would you like your about page to be the reason that people decide to do business with you and it becomes your next lead generation tool?

Neuroscience in Small Business

Here are some must-haves

Show your value – your value proposition is the value you deliver to solve your ideal clients’ problems or pain points.

Forget all the boring about pages you may have read – Think about telling an interesting vibrant story about the mission your business is on.

Make it easy – Don’t go all high tech with language only you understand, speak to your potential client in a way that they communicate with and understand. Use the common language that even a child could grasp. This leaves your potential client feeling that you understand them as they understand and love what you have to say.

Don’t write a novel – get straight to any points you are making, no one has the time to read some lengthy palaver about you.

Make it visually appealing – Subtitles, quotes, images all have the ability to make it easier to read and to make your story far more inviting.

Leave an impression – This may be through staff images and biographies to help people relate, again to show that you are able to understand and communicate with your ideal clients.


Link your social accounts, invite your ideal client to contact you, direct them to where you want them to initiate contact with your business.

How great will it feel to hear that the reason someone wants to do business is that they loved your about page?

If you need help with improving your about page – speak to Kelly @ My Sassy Business 

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