Could you get MORE business during COVID-19?

Applications for government benefits and grants for small business are available. Anyone who has had a genuine downturn in turnover should be applying today. These benefits are designed to help your business to remain afloat during these difficult times.

Or – Has your business had a downturn but not enough to qualify for ongoing assistance?

Now is the time to think outside the box, market your business and pivot or add to what you would be doing without this global impact.

As business owners we need to be flexible and now is the perfect time for that flexibility.

What are your ideal clients doing

If you don’t understand who your ideal clients are, now is the time to figure this out, it will then be easier to work out what they are currently doing and needing.

  • Businesses or individuals
  • Demographics
  • Pain points
  • Benefits of buying what you have
  • Buying triggers
  • Buying processes
  • How do they choose

You can even create a visual representation with a photo or illustration of your ideal clients.

Could you get MORE business during COVID-19?

Once you have your personas ready now you need to figure out where your ideal clients are going to be found and how they are going to find you.

Searching online (Google) remains the number one way that people look for solutions to their problems or needs. If your business is not appearing in the results you are going to be missing out. Now more than ever search results and social media usage is up as people can’t leave their homes as they once did.

Your ideal clients – People everywhere are searching for local business they can support. They are searching to learn, for entertainment, to shop and more.

How are you planning to tap into this and get more business during COVID-19?

Pivot or add to your offering

  • Could you offer virtual services of your face to face services
  • Can your business offer online courses instead of face to face courses
  • Can you add different products that you know your ideal clients need (McDonald’s has bread and milk in their drive-through)
  • Do you have an online store and is it up to date
  • Put your thinking cap on and see how your business can evolve both for today and into the future

On social media I noticed a 15-year-old baby sitter offering online interaction by reading, colouring, playing games and so much more to keep your kids busy.

Once you know what your ideal clients are doing and what you can offer, they need to be able to find you online.

SEO – search engine optimisation

If your competitors are doing less and not spending money on marketing, now is the perfect time for you to continue or increase your marketing. Many businesses are going to slide down the rankings as their owners stop or slow their marketing. Good SEO will ensure that you remain ahead of your competitors both today and after COVID-19.

Small business and local SEO go hand in hand. Even when you are able to offer your services and products nationally we all as consumers like to choose local. During uncertain times consumers like to choose a business that is familiar and being local can provide that familiarity.

Enhancing your local presence can grow your business, even during the most uncertain of times. Is your business easily found locally? 

There are MANY businesses who are busier than they have ever been and there is an opportunity for your business to do the same.

Google Ads

The cost per click is dropping and many businesses can benefit from this. Naturally, there are going to be some business who are wise to pause their Google Ads during this time as they should, however, continuing or even starting advertising can have payoffs.

Google Ads are experiencing less demand and so this has lowered the CPC of many search terms. If your business is operating and can afford to advertise, now is a great time to do so and Google Ads can put you to the top of the search page. 


If you need assistance in any of these areas contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business

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