Content marketing isn’t dead

Are you a business that sells to other businesses(B2B)? Perhaps you sell to other businesses and to consumers directly (B2B + B2C). Either way, how do you effectively market your brand to your actual audience? Remember that people are searching online via their computer or mobile device for the answers they need!

As a B2B your audience may not consume content in the same way that consumers do.Google is 20 years old

Remember – If you sell to both businesses and consumers that you offer separate content for each. Do you understand your ideal clients and how to speak to them with your content?

What problem do you solve

This question is something that all businesses at all levels need to be able to answer. From here you can aim to showcase exactly what your audience is looking for.

The good news is that for businesses who are offering a technology solution – your content is the number one topic for B2B audiences. Followed by Small Business, Workplace Personnel and Marketing. Every business is trying to improve their business and this often involves looking for the latest technology and the subjects that surround that technology.

As a B2C – What do you think the number one thing is that people are searching for? As an example, if you are offering recipes – Chicken Breast Recipe was number 1 in 2017*.

*Google Trends

Do you have a blogging strategy

*76% of B2B publish blog posts and &3% publish case studies. Are you doing the same or will you fall behind?

*96% of B2B buyers report that they want to consume content from leaders in the industry.

*ref: Quicksprout

Remember that if someone is reading your blog – they are on your website so what actions are they going to be directed to take during or after they read your content! Plus the more you publish the more chances you have to increase your traffic.

Make it easy to read and to navigate using simple bullet points and infographics to tell your audience visually what they need to know.

What sort of content – To stay informed about industry trends, to help with the purchase decision, research products and services, learn how to deal with business challenges.

Reset your Marketing Strategy

Why will people choose you

What is going to set your business apart from your competition and why will people choose your business over another business.

Are you offering –

  • Express delivery
  • Guaranteed happiness
  • 24/7 emergency contact
  • A helpline
  • Great prices
  • Online ordering
  • Live Chat
  • How to guides
  • Solution comparisons

Content distribution

What options do you have for getting your content seen by others? Simply publishing this content is not going to be enough. You also need to share this content at times that are relevant to your audience. When are they likely to be online or reading their emails or on social media?

It may surprise you to know that the number one way B2B want to hear from you is via email marketing. How relevant is your list and are they qualified?

Don’t forget organic search

In 2018 and beyond SEO is essential to your business getting found online by your ideal clients. This goes for all types of business B2B and B2C.

Just think about when you are looking for something yourself – where do you go….

81% of B2B purchase cycles start with a web search

90% of B2B buyers say when they are ready to buy “they’ll find you”

70% of B2B buyers say they prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads

Stats from slide player 

While you can always generate leads from a wide range of sources SEO helps to get your content seen by those who are looking.

Mobile responsiveness

Yes, there are still people without websites but there are also websites that are not mobile responsive. You need to know that even if someone gets to your website on their mobile device there is almost a 100% chance they will leave if it isn’t working well on mobile.


Know your ideal client, the platforms they use and the types of content that solves their problems.

If you need help discovering these items and coming up with a strategy that works, speak to Kelly at My Sassy Business.

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