Can you leverage your why

Why did you start your business? Wouldn’t it be great if sharing your why could drive people to engage with your products and services?

Do you think that your ideal clients would appreciate the story that you have to tell?

Would they see themselves, could they become more passionate about your business?

You don’t have to Apple or Nike to have a story – we all have a story

Solving a problem

  • Often this is the reason that people go into business, they see a problem and a way to resolve it.
  • You see an improvement for an existing item.
  • A new item is invented
  • A problem is solved
  • How long did it take you to get the results you were looking for

What problem did you identify that made you want to start your business?

  • Your customers can relate to your story and you are not just another business out there trying to sell some random item.
  • Once people know your story they connect and care about your story
  • This connection can create loyalty to your products and services
  • Connected customers will continue to use your products and services over other competitors in the market
  • You evoke an emotion from your customers which fulfils their needs

Can you leverage your why

Show your story

No one wants to just be told or have to read a lengthy story. Choose a way of showing your story that your customers\clients can relate to.

  • Create a video
  • Make an infographic
  • Illustrate a timeline of events
  • Leave them wanting more from you
  • Engage emotions
  • Show how your product or service relieves their pain points
  • Illustrate in a way that your customers can see themselves
  • Provide a call to action


  • Why you started
  • The day you started
  • Why you are existing
  • Who is involved
  • Why you are qualified
  • How you started
  • Your mission can elicit emotion
  • Failures and successes
  • Just the important details
  • Where you are now
  • Only the honest truth – This is the ultimate hook
  • The ability for people to respond with their own story as it relates to yours

If you need help developing your story (your why) contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business

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