Brilliant Ideas for Content

Content is one of the best ways you can both generate interest for your business and gain new clients.

But – Coming up with new and interesting content can be difficult. You need to step outside your business and ask yourself some questions.

Who is my ideal client?

What are the pain points they have?

How are they researching these pain points?

Who are they comparing?

How do they decide to buy?

Let’s look at just one of these – What are the pain points they have?

In thinking about the pain points, you want to answer their questions with:

“Why you need” “How to” “Why is it”

Now in getting your ideal clients, if you are able to deliver the answers to their questions you have a chance they will keep listening.

What you are trying to do is:

  • Educate – answer the pain points
  • Connect – subscribe or follow social media
  • Entice – give a reason for them to come back


Local Online Pet Store – Specialises in Dog products

  • How often should I feed my puppy?
  • How much should I feed my Puppy?
  • Why you need to train your puppy!
  • How to train your puppy?
  • Why should I buy a puppy?
  • How to choose a puppy?
  • Best food for fussy puppies.
  • Best toys for your puppy.
  • How often should I walk my puppy?
  • Where should my puppy sleep?

And this was just about puppies, imagine just how many other topics you can think of based on dogs and the products that this store has for them. In other words, the products solve the problems, all you have to do is explain that.

Now for your business

If you have a product or service or both, there is a reason people will want what you have. You need to answer this in a way that connects with your ideal clients and entices them to come back for more.

If you need help with this then My Sassy Business – Small Business Advisory service has the answers.

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