Blogging for SEO

Creating your own content that is relevant to your business and to your clients is essential for almost every business. There are many ways to produce this content and there is a correct way to publish this content too.

Have you been told…

  • Write blogs it will help your SEO
  • It doesn’t matter what you write or how you write you just need to do it
  • Just copy from someone else and paste it on your website

Write blogs it will help your SEO

This statement remains true and producing new content on a consistent basis will help your business and the SEO of your website. Creating a schedule of weekly, fortnightly or monthly blogs can be highly beneficial for your business and the online exposure of your business.

The wonderful thing about blogging is that while you are adding new content to your website you are also creating new pages for Google to index. This extends your ability to get found online by your ideal clients. Blogging for SEO alone is not a good idea, you need to ensure that you are blogging for your ideal clients and the SEO benefits will follow. 

Just copy from someone else and paste it on your website

This is by far the worst piece of advice that I have ever heard someone receive. Yes, it is true and someone in website development did tell this to a client of theirs.

Your content should be original and not plagiarised from someone else. Naturally, you can read several articles to gain inspiration. You can reference these articles but make sure you never directly copy these articles and publish as your own.

It doesn’t matter what you write or how you write you just need to do it

Wrong – it matters a lot

Stick to the topics that your ideal clients are interested in and the topics that you are knowledgeable about. Share your knowledge and create a call to action within each blog so that the reader may choose to do business with you. How you write will improve and your writing ability will transform over time. Remember you can always outsource it if you need or want to. 

Structure is important

The structure of your text is important for both the reader and for SEO. For the reader, it makes your blog easier to read and the reader is more likely to read the whole blog. For SEO, Google will index blogs that are well structured and give valuable answers to certain questions. These certain questions are the ones that people (Googles clients) are searching for. 

Guide your readers through your blog with the use of:

  • Subheadings
  • Bullet points
  • Paragraphs
  • Shorter sentences
  • Transition words

Producing content

SEO copywriting takes practice if you are going to do it yourself. Don’t let this put you off though, just get started and start writing. If you are going to outsource there are plenty of writers skilled in SEO copywriting. 

Once you have produced this content you need to make sure to share it to your subscribers and to your social accounts. If your content is evergreen (doesn’t expire) you can share it again and again across your social media accounts.

If you need help with your content contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business 

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