B2B success on Social Media

Are you are B2B business or B2C business or a mix of both?

Many businesses have a preconceived idea that social media is only for businesses who sell to consumers. This simply is not true! Social media is the perfect platform for B2B marketing and the perfect place to acquire new business customers.

Just take the time to look around on social media. You will see other B2B businesses regularly using social media to grow their online presence and ultimately their business.

Are you missing out?

Often it is knowledge or time that leaves these B2B’s missing out. It doesn’t have to be difficult and it is very easy to outsource and get results.

Which platforms are you currently using to engage with your customers?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram

Think about your ideal clients – Who are they and what platforms are they likely to be on. Remember that all businesses are run by people who use social media. So love it or hate it social media is vital for your success.

How to use it well

Social media is not just about pretty pictures (although that is part of it). You need consistency in the delivery of your posts. Just posting when you think about it is not going to cut it.

Posting daily across your chosen social channels is the goal you should be aiming for. Ensure that you are providing value with blogs, hint’s, tips and topics that your ideal clients will enjoy.

Define your objectiveswriting or content marketing

  • Brand awareness
  • Visibility
  • Customer engagement
  • Lead generation
  • Sales
  • Customer retention and more

Brand Awareness – additional visibility gives you more touchpoints for your new and existing clients to see you. This visibility works to generate interest and potential leads for your business.

Engagement – customers have the opportunity to engage with you at all times of the day or night and learn from the posts you are sharing.

Lead generation – Both organic posts and paid ads can generate leads for your B2B business. How many ways do you generate leads?

Sales – Ultimately by increasing your online presence you will increase your sales. These may be a direct result of social media but they may also be indirect. Indirect sales are a result of social media being a touchpoint. Perhaps your business is seen on social media, one of your vehicles passes by, your storefront/warehouse is seen and you may show up in search results. All these touchpoints can end in a sale and growth for your business.

Customer retention – By being on social media your customers have the opportunity to remember you. Even if the person you deal with in a business changes job, they may still be following you on social media. It is this connection that travels with them and the ongoing social media work that allows them to remember you. Have you heard of keeping your business “top of mind”?

Customer service – Many B2B businesses are offering customer service through their social media. It is the portal for people to ask questions, provide feedback and more.

What now

  • Ensure that your business is using the right social media channels
  • Have clear objectives for your social media
  • Create personas of your ideal clients
  • Create a social media budget
  • Decide what you are going to do in-house and what you are going to outsource
  • Have a budget for paid advertising

Having a social media professional look after all or part of your online presence can free you up for other things. It can also give you the consistency you need to have when you are on social media. This then leaves you free to work on the business further.

If you need help with any of these areas – contact Kelly at My Sassy Business.

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