Are your SEO tactics out of date?

There are MANY SEO providers and many business owners who do SEO themselves, still using old-fashioned and out of date tactics.

  • Promising to rank on page one
  • Bragging about page one rankings for keywords
  • Non-genuine link building

Both people and SEO providers talk about ranking for specific keywords. How they want keywords to rank on page one and out of 20 keywords they have x amount ranking on page one…. Blah blah blah.

This is out of date old fashion SEO and just because you rank on page one for a keyword it does not mean that you are going to get a return from that keyword. You may rank on page one for a keyword that your ideal clients don’t even search for! These are out of date SEO tactics!

Time to forget about keyword ranking!

Instead, focus on delivering what your customers want and need. This is what the Google Algorithms ultimately rank you for. Go back to thinking about your ideal clients, who are they and what do they want to know about you to do business with you?

SERP – Search engine results pages

  • What are the things that your ideal clients are searching for?
  • Are they using voice search?
  • Are they searching for your brand?
  • Would they be looking for images?
  • Does your social media reflect what your ideal clients are searching for?
  • Are you targeting long tail terms?
  • Are you covering all the related topics that are relevant to your ideal clients?
  • What about local SEO, have you forgotten your local market?

When you can answer these questions you will have a better idea about how you can appear in the SERP results and actually get an ROI for your efforts.

Your brand

Is your brand known and is this your business name or your personal name?

What are you doing to get your name out there?

It is far easier to find a business when you know the name you are looking for – this also helps to jig the search results your favor.

Forget link building

Unless you can receive a genuine link – forget about it completely.

Many SEO providers are still offering this as a service and it is completely outdated. It is so 2011 for the way to move your business up the SERP’s.

Replace this with a better user experience on your website. With better content and better growth of your brand, you will get the results you are looking for.

Keyword stuffing

User experience is far more important than keyword stuffing – you don’t want your website impossible to read and navigate because it looks like a keyword symposium.

Your content must solve the searchers (your ideal client) questions – this is what Google cares about. For example: If your website was a store – do you have everything your ideal client wants? Or will they choose the store down the road?


There is no one size fits all approach. You need to cover a lot of areas when it comes to SEO and you need to do other things online in conjunction with SEO to get the results you need.

When you are deciding on an SEO provider ensure they are not still using out of date tactics and promising something they can’t deliver.

If you need help with any of the above topics – contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business

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