Are you sharing your story or your ego?

With the explosion of video as a sharing tool, we are seeing an explosion of content. Some of this content is amazing, a lot of this content is terrible and a lot of this content is filled with ego.

Anyone with a mobile phone and a social media account can evangelise about their business success and harass you with ego-driven content. 

I don’t know about you but personally, I am bored with the explosion of ego. I don’t care about the car they (rented or posed next to) drive, that they quit the nine to five and are living the dream. Nor do I want another promotion for another course, workshop or webinar about how this can be achieved in just a few minutes each day. It seems that almost anyone with a camera can proport to be an expert. Let’s also not forget about the I make $10k per week while I am sleeping videos.

This mass saturation of white noise and false economy should not be fooling anyone. It is just “look at me” content.

As a small business do not be fooled or impressed by this ego-driven work it is short term and it is the reason they appear and disappear quickly from your feed.

REMEMBER – Consumers and your ideal clients are smart and they want you to cut through all this white noise. Don’t get caught up in thinking you need to be like other ego-driven individuals. 

Sharing your story

Story definition – An account of past events in someone’s life or the development of something.

A story is a perfect way to convey meaning and when they are shared with statistics the retention rate by your ideal clients is around 65-70%. Stanford University.

Are you telling a story in the content you create?


With so many tools like blogs, ebooks, video, podcasts, webinars all paired with social media the message can become driven in ego.

However – when you use these tools well and stay clear of ego-driven content the results can be exponential. By truly understanding your ideal clients and knowing what they need you are able to engage with them and turn them into a loyal customer. Ego-driven content can drive these ideal clients away from you as you are not sharing value. 

Using the tools correctly allows your ideal customers to get value from what you are sharing and they want to be a part of the journey that your small business is on. They are inspired by the truth in your stories and they feel you understand their needs.

How to avoid ego content

Survey – Ask your customers what they want. Get their valuable input about the topics you should focus on and the content they want to see.

SEO – By understanding what your ideal clients are searching for via the key terms being used you can direct your content to answer these questions.

Customer story – By sharing a case study or specific customer story you are further removing yourself from ego-driven content. Customer created content is true and honest and is a great way for others to see how much your business is appreciated.


Your story must benefit your ideal clients. It is not about sharing how fabulous you think you are. Our digital/social media is already full of this type of thing.

Offer an engaging story along with a solution to your ideal client’s problems and leave the ego at home.

How are you going to share your story? 

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