Are you listening?

This blog has been posted on 26th December 2016 – Boxing Day in Australia and also a public holiday.

But – As regular followers of this blog will know, there is a new blog every Monday and no Monday is going to be missed.

So, that said, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to see if you are listening. Not just to me but also to your customers!

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” Stephen R Covey

What happens when you listen?

  • When you take the time to listen you gain the opportunity to learn.
  • You gain the knowledge you may be lacking
  • The person who is speaking feels heard
  • Now you can take the time to reply correctly to their needs and give a solution
  • You can give empathy rather than just a response

When did you last REALLY listen to someone?

If you have a potential client in front of you listening to them is how you are going to convert them to your new customer. When you can truly listen and provide solutions to their problems or pain that is when they will want to work with you.

If selling is a problem for you remember you are not selling you are providing a solution. You are listening to your client’s pain and offering to solve it with your product or service. Assuming you have listened correctly to their needs you can’t go wrong.


The next time you have the chance to speak to someone listen with the intent to understand. Forget about your reply and just really listen.

This may be a family member or a shopkeeper or a potential client. Either way, don’t make it about your response, listen first and ensure you understand before you attempt to respond.

So when a shopkeeper says, “How are you” make sure you ask them how they are too. I bet most people will be surprised they were asked.

If you are really listening, your sales will improve and you will be subscribed to this blog.

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