Are you Google ready?

Previously I have published blogs about having a mobile responsive website if you are going to be found on Google. This is not a new thing, Google has been adapting its algorithm for several years, so, and everyone has had time to make the updates. Naturally, many business owners won’t have made any updates and some businesses still don’t even have a website.

Over these years the use of mobile devices has increased more and more and now the vast majority of searches are from a mobile device.

Mobile usage

It is official and mobile device usage to search on Google has completely overtaken desktop. Is your business ready?

Small Business online presence

Time and time again I see people setting up a website on the cheap. Trying to do it all themselves or get a “friend” to do it. Please – use a professional and one that you are recommended to use because you have seen their recent work.

Get a few quotes but expect to pay $1500 + for a professional mobile responsive WordPress website. Ensure that your website professional has graphic design knowledge so that you not only get a functional site; you get an attractive site too.

Small business must have a modern up to date website and this goes without saying. It MUST be mobile responsive or Google will be ignoring you and putting your competitors up first.

With a professionally designed website you need to have the following:

Mobile responsiveness – I am not taking mobile ready or mobile capable or whatever other terms you can think of. It must be mobile responsive and reconfigure to suit the different sizes of mobile devices available. A mobile responsive website is more likely to get better views throughout as it is easy to use.

Google’s ranking index – Until now Google has ranked your site based on its desktop version. This is ending and all sites will be ranked using Google’s Mobile-First Index. So all sites will be ranked based on their mobile version.

Below you will find the expectations and tests put out by Google for all users to follow.

Mobile responsive website – Google

Mobile responsive test – Google

Mobile usability report – Google


  • You must have a plan to completely update your website every two years
  • You must constantly update your information throughout your website in between complete updates.
  • Businesses of all sizes should be using both SEO and SEM as part of their overall marketing plan. If you are not including it you are missing out on a potential audience and perhaps heading your business towards difficult times.

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

SEO is the organic marketing of your business, which can be done yourself or outsourced to achieve better results. It ultimately works to improve where your website appears in the unpaid or organic results of Google.

SEO works to ensure that the search engines can understand the message that your website is trying to put out. When it understands your information your website can appear in the results to people’s questions on Google.

Search Engine Marketing – SEM

SEM is the paid marketing you see across the Internet. Yes, some businesses spend a large amount and you see them everywhere and for a range of reasons. Other smaller businesses spend their money wisely and appear in front of their targeted audience.

The key terms that work well with your paid marketing should also be used throughout your website. This way they work together to achieve the results that you hope and people find you online.

Conclusion for business owners on Google

  • You must have a professional website
  • It must be mobile responsive
  • You need a marketing plan/strategy to achieve results
  • If you need help – get it

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