Are you bamboozled with marketing jargon? 

Here are some terms which you may or may not be familiar with.

Don’t let anyone try to bamboozle you. Make sure you ask the questions and get everything explained so that you have a clear understanding. Some unscrupulous people try to bamboozle you with marketing jargon on purpose – don’t let them.

For example – It is important to remember that anyone who is providing you with guarantees of positioning and placement is someone you should be sceptical of. If they are guaranteeing page one, telling you they can manipulate algorithms and more move in the opposite direction away from their so-called guaranteed services.

Are you bamboozled with marketing – If you are after honest service with someone you can speak to locally – contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business. 

Digital Marketing 

The term digital marketing is any form of marketing that is delivered via a digital device. This communication is designed to inform and persuade your ideal clients to make a purchase. 

All business in the 21st century should have a digital-first strategy for their marketing.

If you are bamboozled with marketing jargon it may be preventing you from marketing your business digitally. Don’t let your business fall behind its competitors – My Sassy Business can help you without the jargon.

Ideal Clients / Buyer Persona

Creating a buyer persona about your ideal clients should include an in-depth look at exactly who they are. Demographic data, personal information, motivations and more.

Do you know who your ideal clients are? Are you bamboozled with marketing jargon

Brand Awareness

If you think of the most recognisable brands in the world (McDonald’s, Nike, Coca Cola) you know their logo and exactly what they do. 

How well can people recall and recognise your brand? Is it something people know and recognise immediately or is it a little ambiguous? 

Improving your brand awareness gives more people the opportunity to know your business.


How different are you to your competitors?

The positioning of your brand is told through visual design, content and its online presence. 

Does your business have a look, feel, message and more to match your ideal client’s expectations?

Now is the time to ensure that everything you put out into the world positions your business as it should be. 

Content Marketing

Content in all its forms makes up your content marketing. Your website, blogs, white papers, videos, social media, ebooks and more. These items are used to educate and inform your potential and existing clients. 

When did you last review all your content?

Is your website filled with jargon that your ideal clients struggle to understand, just as you may struggle with marketing jargon all industries can be guilty of this?


Writing copy for your marketing. This may take the form of your website content, a blog, a script or content for your social media posts.

Copywriting can be done inhouse or it can be outsourced to professionals.

Make sure to not fill your copy with your own jargon, it is not just marketing jargon that confuses people. 

Inbound Marketing

This is the marketing that draws people to your business. The potential client is inspired to get in touch with you directly.

Social Media, Blogs and SEO are all types of inbound marketing.

Are you doing enough with your inbound marketing to generate new business? Could you be doing more?

Why not outsource it to a professional?

Outbound Marketing

As the name suggests you are reaching out to potential clients. This can be done via cold calling for example.

It is generally far less successful than inbound marketing. 

Growth Marketing 

Here we are creating awareness to grow based on a specific goal:Are you bamboozled with marketing jargon

  • Social media following
  • Database numbers
  • Sales revenue $$$
  • Referrals
  • and more 

Lead nurturing

A potential client or prospect is educated and worked with to build trust and then ultimately decide to do business with you. This can be done through a series of welcome emails and/newsletters and may continue indefinitely. 

Lead nurturing – Nurturing your leads is not just for new leads, you must nurture everyone who has done, is doing or will do business with you.

WOM – Word of Mouth Marketing 

A happy client passes your details on to another prospective client.

Probably one of the most effective ways to grow your business.

When the prospective person gets in touch they are already feeling positive due to the promise of a great experience from your other client. 

CPL – Cost Per Lead

This is the amount that is costs to get a person to your business. It can be best explained via paid ads when a cost is directly correlated with a sale. 

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

This is software that helps you with your sales process. Names, phone numbers, emails, business details and who has spoken with them and when is all stored. You are prompted for follow up and so much more.

Do you have a favourite way to store your leads?

CMS – Content Management System

A CMS is related to your website and allows for the creation, design and management of your website.

WordPress, Squarespace and Wix are all forms of CMS. 

Marketing Automation

Perfect for streamlining processes within your business. This may be through automated emails, drip marketing or through scheduling your social media posts. 

By choosing to automate parts of your marketing you have more time to focus on the business and let the automation do the work.

Drip Marketing

This is typically when you have a strategy of emails that send for various reasons. From a welcome series of emails to re-engagement when someone has not purchased from you for a while. 

Have you been receiving drip marketing from another business? Can you make it work for your business?

Partner Marketing

You may have seen a little of this on Instagram. Two or more businesses work together to promote each other. 

It can be a great way to share contacts and grow your business. Partnering for giveaways is very common and can work well to expand the reach of your business.

Are you bamboozled with marketing jargon?

Gated Content

If you are planning to offer a free Ebook to get people to subscribe to your database, this is offering gated content.

The content is not freely available without someone providing something in exchange, like an email address. 

Keyword or Key-term

These are the words and phrases that people use to find what you have on offer.

It plays perfectly into SEO and advertising to optimise your results. 

PPC – Pay Per Click 

Paid advertising on Google and Social Media have a cost for people to click on your ad.

Every time someone clicks it costs you money and conversely if no one clicks it doesn’t cost you anything. 


Here you are connecting to people who have previously visited your website or searched a similar topic.

Think about when you were last online and the ads that start appearing following your searches. Did it help you to make a purchase?

While it can be annoying sometimes it is perfect to help you find what you are looking for. 

Paid Search

Google Ads or Social Media, Paid search has your ads showing online in front of your potential clients. 

Utilising paid search as part fo your marketing strategy is an essential aspect that should not be ignored.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

This is the process of developing your website, content and images so they are optimised for the search results.

The explanation above is a simplified one as there are a lot of factors and it is a long term solution to being found organically online.

Outsourcing this to a professional can give you the long term results that have you showing up when your ideal clients are searching online. 

Top of the Funnel

A traditional and well-used term in marketing. The top of the funnel is where your ideal clients are just becoming aware of your business.Are you bamboozled with marketing jargon

They are not necessarily ready to buy but are on the journey. For example – They may have subscribed to your blog.

Bottom of the Funnel

The bottom of the funnel is where your ideal clients are at the buying end of their journey. They are ready for a consultation and ready to spend their money with you. This is where conversion happens from potential client to client. 

Buyers journey

From awareness at the top of the funnel where your potential clients have found your business. Then to consideration through the conversion stage at the bottom of the funnel, this is the buyer’s journey. It is different for every business and some buyers will go through the journey faster than others. 

Landing Page

A landing page is any page of your website however it can be used more specifically than that. You can create landing pages that are designed for conversion into sales. They can be very specific and linked to a paid ad you are running and ultimately help people to purchase (conversion) faster. 

Responsive Design

An essential aspect of any website is that it must work well on a mobile device. What this means is that your website adjusts automatically to the screen size that it is being viewed on.

Computer, tablet or mobile phone your website should always look great.

Is it time for you to update your website?

SSL – secure sockets layer

SSL is essential for all websites and a Google ranking factor. You may have noticed a little padlock next to your URL, this is confirming the security of your website.

It is a protocol for web browsers and servers that allows for the authentication, encryption and decryption of data sent over the Internet.

Are you bamboozled with marketing jargon – How many more terms can you think of that leave you bamboozled with marketing jargon?

If you want a marketing professional who won’t bamboozle you – speak to Kelly at My Sassy Business. 

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