Are you annoying your clients

If you have a business, you should have a website, and you may also be advertising your business in some form.

Naturally, you are trying to attract people to your business and to get them to spend money with you. You want them to feel comfortable to buy your product or your service.

However – Consumers are smart and we are all getting sick of ads that seem to know what we are thinking about. Ad-blocking software is a real thing and people are using it.

How do your ideal clients feel about your marketing efforts? Do you know the answer to this?


Hopefully, you update your website regularly and perhaps you have added a video to your website thinking that everyone loves video.

It may surprise you that the number one annoyance is a video that plays automatically and with sound. This is the same for both ads and for videos on your website. People don’t want to be bombarded, they want to choose.

Make sure that you are prioritising your clients’ needs and your website is speaking to them in a way that answers their questions without bombarding them.

Take the time to outline the benefits of what you have on offer.

Don’t just make your website egocentric – clients care how you will help them. Not just how about fabulous you think you are!

Ecommerce stores – Please provide free delivery and make this fact highly visible. There is nothing worse than not knowing the delivery cost until you get to the checkout. If you can’t provide free delivery let people know how to calculate their delivery costs.


It is vital that you have a policy when it comes to replying your emails and phone messages. Regardless of you being a 1 person operation or a 20 person operation, people expect a timely response.

Personally I think within 24 hours (Monday to Friday) or if you have a 7-day operation then weekends are included in this 24 hour response time. Ideally, the same business day should be your best practice of operation. This shows that you have dedication in your business and you respect your clients to get back to them in a timely manner.

If you plan to reply over a longer period this should be clearly displayed within your content. Perhaps a thank you message from your contact page or an automatic email responder to let people know what to expect.

This timely manner must extend to all clients, not just the new ones!

Make sure you communicate in a common language that is easy for your clients to understand. This is not talking down to them, it is simply using terms that everyone can understand regardless of their knowledge on a topic.

Deadlines – Are you annoying your clients

If you have a deadline, do not let this pass before you get in touch with your clients to explain what is happening. This goes back to communication if you are honest your clients will respect you. If you are sneaky or ignoring them they will not respect you.

How often do you hear about whole industries where this is a problem – don’t let your business be one of those. If the deadline is approaching and you won’t make it, contact your client and explain truthfully why this is.

Make sure that missing deadlines is not an ongoing problem as it will damage your business in a big way – you will be known as unreliable. Instead, make the below phrase your motto.

Remember the phrase ‘Underpromise and Overdeliver’

Be engaging

Your main goal needs to be connecting with your existing and potential clients. This connection should be across everywhere than your business appears.

How are you going to make sure you are not annoying your clients?

If you need help ensuring that your business presence is the best it can be – contact Kelly today. 

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