Act now! 3 reasons why moving your business online is vital to your longevity

As most self-employed people know, being self-employed affords us all a level of life/work balance.

Some have this working better than others but being self-employed should be giving you a level of autonomy. It is this autonomy that we want all self-employed people to continue to be able to have and keep businesses surviving long-term. 

Moving your business online is not just for bricks and mortar stores. It is for tradies, consultants and anyone else who does not have a modern professional online presence. You may be selling services, products or a mixture of both. Your customers and potential customers expect to be able to find you easily online.

Notwithstanding pandemics, many businesses do not survive long term. Moving your business online today and improving your online presence can ensure your long term business survival and success both online and offline. 

Here are the top 3 reasons why moving your business online is vital to your longevity

  • Remain competitive
  • Remain self-employed
  • Meet buyer behaviour

Remain competitive

To remain competitive in the small business world you need to constantly be innovating. Along with innovating in your business, you must be thinking about what your customers want both today and in the future.

Just as the demands of business change over time so do the needs of your customers.

What are others in your industry doing? Are you keeping up with the rest of the industry?

Are you curious about what others in your field are doing online? My Sassy Business can provide you with insights as to what digital marketing is expected of your industry.

Remain self-employed

Are you one or do you know of a business owner who does not have their business online?

While you may have left things a little late there is no time better than today to make the necessary changes and improve your business.

If you wish to remain self-employed you need to take your business online and market it accordingly. 

My Sassy Business can help you every step of the way – Contact us today

Meet buyer behaviour

The buying behaviour of consumers was already changing well before lockdowns and restrictions from Covid came into place. The world as a whole is far more digitalised than it ever has been and your customers expect to be able to both find you and to do business with you online. 

If you are not online, act now and move your business online to ensure your longevity. If you are already online what can you be doing better! Have your customers been asking certain questions or saying that they looked for you online and couldn’t find you?

Get found online – Contact My Sassy Business

How to get your offline business online

Buy your domain name – This is www.yourbusinessname.com or .com.au and costs on average around $20 per year to have.

Build a website – Yes there are DIY options but choosing a professional is really the best choice for most professional businesses. 

Would you like someone to do this for you, contact Kelly at My Sassy Business. 

These steps are fairly obvious so here are some more areas for you to consider that will make moving your business online that much easier. 

What are you selling – Services, products or both

Are you going to sell some or all your items online? Make sure you start with your top-selling and lightweight items. 

Website content – You can write this yourself or use a professional to help you through the process. Generally, you will need content for your:

  • Home page 
  • About us page
  • Products or services page/s
  • Returns/refunds/delivery/FAQ type of page/s
  • Privacy policy/terms and conditions
  • Contact us page

Taking website payments – PayPal is one of the most common and preferred methods of payments trusted by online buyers and sellers. It gives the option to pay by PayPal or if they don’t have an account the purchaser can use their credit card. In addition to this, you may want to be able to offer extended payment services like AfterPay or similar. 

Service businesses – You may or may not decide to take payment online, however, having your prices listed or a price range is essential. By including prices you prequalify your potential clients before they call or email which will ultimately save you time and money.

Sharing the news 

You’ve decided to take your business online – now what.

Email – Notify your database of this exciting news. Utilising tools like Mailchimp or similar advising them to check out your new website and to let you know what they think.

Social media – announce this exciting news on your social media accounts and if you don’t have social media now is the time to set them up too. 

If you have an online store ensure your products are linked to social media so you can sell from there too. 

Google and other search engines – It takes time to be found online with search engines. Their bots need to be able to scroll and index your site, not only for the first time but ongoing. SEO is the perfect tool for this and an item that is simple to outsource

Would you like someone to do any of the above for you, contact Kelly at My Sassy Business? 


It goes without saying that ALL businesses need to have an online presence. This online presence is what your clients/customers expect and it is the first place people go to look for something they need. If you want to ensure the longevity of your business, act now and get your business online. If you are already online make sure that you are doing everything you can to ensure that you will have a successful business long-term.

For help with moving your business online, get in touch – Kelly @ My Sassy Business, your Sydney based digital marketing professionals.

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