A Facebook Business Page in 8 simple steps

Love Facebook, hate Facebook or if you sit somewhere in-between it remains the largest social network. Being the largest with the highest number of active users you would be wise to ensure your business has an awesome page.

It is free – You can create a page, grow your followers, share your services and products, create a group and more all for zero cost. 

You can outsource – If technology is tricky for you why not outsource the task. 

How to create your Facebook Business Page

A Facebook Business page in 8 simple steps

Note: You must have a personal profile yourself to create a business page. 

1. Create your page via this Facebook link

Facebook Create 

A Facebook Business page in 8 simple steps

You can then insert your Page Name, Category and Description

Page Name – Use the name of your business, brand or organisation, or a name that explains what the page is about.

Category – Choose a category that describes what type of business, organisation or topic the page represents. You can add up to 3.

Description – Write about what your business does, the services you provide, or the purpose of the page. Character limit: 255

2. Add your profile picture

A Facebook Business page in 8 simple steps

This is the circular image on every Facebook Page and most people use their business logo. It can however be anything and you may choose your own image or a product image if that is relevant for your business. 

Make sure that your image/logo will work in a circle and the recommended image size is 360 x 360 pixels. 

3. Add your cover photo

This is where you can be a little more creative and choose an image or video that is relevant to your business. You can use just a visual image or you can add words to further express your business personality. 

Your cover image needs to be 820 x 312 pixels for computers, and 640 x 360 pixels for mobile devices. Videos must be between 20 and 90 seconds long and have a maximum 1080p resolution. Remember that the video will play on a loop so make it interesting to see. 

4. Familiarise yourself with your business page

Take the time to go through all the menu options – particularly the settings so you can ensure everything is correct for your business. 

You may wish to change the template for your page via the settings – edit page. Here you will find a list of various choices for many types of businesses. 

Take the time to rearrange your tabs and remove any that are not necessary for you.

5. About your business

The about section needs to be filled out with as much information as you can. It helps your business to be found when people are searching on Facebook. 

You can alter your user name, add a phone number, email, website and more. 

If you have found that someone else already has your user name you will have to choose something different. Ensure that you are not breaching any other trademarks. 

6. Call to action button

Towards the top of any businesses Facebook Page, there is a big blue button. Here you have several choices of what you would like to use it for. 

  • Contact 
  • Learn more
  • Make a booking 
  • Shop or donate
  • Download an app or play a game

7. Invite your friends

What is social commerceTo get started on increasing your social proof, invite your friends to like your page. Speak to them and ask them to like your posts and engage if they can.

This will help your page get off to a good start. 

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8. Get more followers

  • Run paid ads
  • Invite people
  • Create awesome content which is eye-catching and sharable
  • Host a giveaway
  • Email your database and let them know how to follow you
  • Link your Facebook Page in your email signature
  • Link your Facebook Page in your newsletters
  • Partner with other businesses
  • Post consistently (at least 5 days each week) regardless of how many followers you have
  • Add Facebook like icons to your website
  • Engage with your followers via questions 
  • Remember to use hashtags
  • Ask for user-generated content and for others to tag your business


Facebook Pages can be great for your business and help you to get found in a business online space. They can help you to engage with your followers and when you add paid advertising they can offer great returns.

If you need help setting up and/or managing your Facebook Page or any other social media accounts contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business. 

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