A digital-first marketing strategy is everything right now

As everyone is well aware 2020 has made every business evaluate, pivot and make changes in this unprecedented time.

You may be receiving Job Keeper to help to pay staff temporarily or you may not have qualified for Job Keeper and only have the additional cash from the small business stimulus.

Regardless of any additional help that your business has received, if you haven’t already, you should be urgently making changes to how you do business. Perhaps you are even evaluating if you can stay in business long term.

Do you have the type of business that relied heavily on in-person events, trade shows and networking events to gain clients?

Have you had all your eggs in this basket while largely ignoring digital marketing?

No business in any climate can take the risk of putting all their eggs into one marketing basket or one type of marketing basket and just hope for the best. If you are a business that relied on trade shows for the bulk of your sales to keep your business afloat for the year – 2020 and beyond has changed this drastically.

What are you going to invest your time and money into moving forward?

Digital-first marketing strategy

  • Have you found yourself scrambling to create a digital-first marketing strategy?
  • Do you have no idea where to start?
  • Is the thought of Job Keeper ending leaving you terrified
  • Are you complaining that social media doesn’t deliver?
  • Do you know what sort of marketing budget you have?
  • Does the thought of Google Ads scare you?
  • What does your website look like?
  • Do you have a neglected database of customers?

The wonderful thing with having a digital-first marketing strategy is that it spreads your eggs into lots of baskets. Your business has the opportunity of appearing across many areas in front of many people to remain top of mind.

Here are some ideas for you to spread your marketing efforts

  • A modern up to date professional website
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your website
  • Consistent posts to relevant social media profiles
  • Listings within directories free & paid
  • A paid advertising plan for Google Ads and/social media
  • Webinars and or live streams (great for business who are used to doing trade shows to show their products)
  • How-to videos and/or product videos
  • Infographics
  • Consistent blog posts to inform
  • Case studies
  • Customer Newsletters
  • Digital Marketing means that you never stop being helpful in your communications

Digital marketing in any form does not work without great content

Content Marketing

Over the years there have been many articles published trying to say that ‘Content marketing is dead’.

Roll into 2020 and content marketing is a massive part of the digital-first marketing plan that every business now has to be planning.

Here are just some of the blogs I have shared on content marketing that are still very relevant and may help you with your strategy.

Content marketing isn’t dead

Create content to generate leads

Why content marketing is all about the audience

11 Myths uncovered about content marketing

4 Ways content marketing increase your PR

For many businesses a digital-first marketing strategy with great content has been something, they have always done. These are the businesses who will find ramping up their strategy a little easier.

If you have not prioritised content within your strategy you will find that your virtual events are dull, your paid ads perform poorly and your website lacks the traffic you need.

Now – A digital strategy its content is impossible to ignore, what are you doing today to improve your offering?

My Sassy Business works will all types of business to enhance their digital-first content marketing efforts. Contact Kelly to see how your business can gain exposure online.

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