7 Easy Content Marketing Steps

There are many ways to look at content marketing. So this blog will show you the steps required to get the most out your content marketing strategy.

Remember content marketing is not about instant success, it takes time. Your social media reach may be seen within 6 months but blogs and the love of reading your content could take 12 months or more.

What do you want out of content marketing?

Don’t just say more sales, it must be specific and measurable. You can split it into Facebook likes, email subscribers, website traffic etc. but the ultimate goal should be leads.

How many leads/orders do you need/want and what is your conversion/abandoned cart ratio?

It is this ratio that ultimately will increase your business in a measurable way.

What actions do you want?

Conversions of leads/orders to sales – What is your average $ value and how many more do you want from your content marketing efforts?

What groups are you targeting?

Clearly define your audience (Ideal clients) and figure out what they want to know. Plan how you are going to get your content in front of them, via their favourite social media etc. and once you start, don’t stop.

What content are you creating?

Make sure that your content is evergreen; this means you can use it over and over and even spilt it up for tweets, infographics and more.

What promotion?

There is little point creating a blog that no ones reads and it just sits idol on your website. You must share it on the best platforms, email it out, advertise it and share it with other influencers.

What evaluation?

Has your audience improved their engagement? Has your content delivered more leads? Are the leads better and easier to convert? Do you need to evaluate and improve some areas of your content marketing plan to get better results?

What have you written?

Finally, write it all down – A recent study by the content marketing institute stated that those with a written plan were 60% more effective than those who had no written plan.

The automation of your content will be the best way to achieve the goals that you have and perhaps outsourcing some or all will help you to achieve results.

If you need help with some or all of these areas, speak to Kelly @ My Sassy Business.

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