6 tips for business to business marketing

Marketing is often the most difficult thing that a small business has to do. Most small business operators are not marketing professionals and nor do they want to be marketing professionals. Perhaps they have done marketing in the corporate work with big budgets and think that it can translate to small business. Sorry, it just doesn’t – small business marketing is a completely different beast. If you are running a small business and you are going to be marketing to other businesses – keep reading!

1 – Who wants what you have?

You need to clearly define who your buyers are going to be and you must be incredibly specific in your definition.

  • Where is the business located?
  • How large is the business?
  • What is the industry of the business?
  • Do you need a different persona for each business?
  • Who will you be selling to in the business?

2 – There will be a buying cycle with several steps

B2B transactions generally go through a buying cycle. It is rarely if ever a single step purchasing decision. Therefore it is vital that your marketing accounts for this process.

  • Define the process. What will this cycle look like – The journey! Ask My Sassy Business how we can help you with this!
  • How many steps are required before the close of a sale?
  • How can you improve or reduce those steps?
  • What social channels are you using for your visibility? Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube – B2B needs to do this!
  • How often are you blogging?
  • Do you have promotional videos to help with the process?
  • What do you do to build your email list?
  • Where do you add value?

3 – Building relationships is going to be key

Generally, when you are dealing with a business you want the transactions to be ongoing. You want them to use you once and remember to use you again and again. Plus larger business doesn’t just buy one item they may buy hundreds or thousands. How are you going to ensure long-term wonderful business to business relationships?

  • Create personas of the key people you will be dealing with clearly defining them.6 Tips for Business to Business Marketing
  • What can you do to build on the relationship over time?
  • If you are offering a new product or service the relationship is key to its success.
  • If you offer something different than previously purchased the relationship is key.
  • Add a personal touch.
  • If you are delivering a product how can you make that delivery more personal?
  • How can you ensure the satisfaction of your product or service?
  • How can you guarantee they will be better off with your product or service?
  • What will you do to build long-term loyalty?
  • What can you do that is over and above the expectation of your clients?
  • How can you extend your products and services to personalise it for that business or personalise it for the decision-maker?

4 – Ultimately you are solving problems

If you think back to the reasons you went into business, chances are you saw a problem you could solve or a way to do something better. How are you able to show this to your new and existing business to business relationships?

  • Showcase why you do what you do
  • Why does your experience mean you are the best choice
  • Have a strong value proposition and show it
  • Use a blog – According to Hubspot B2B business that blog generate 67% more leads per month than those who don’t.
  • Use your knowledge to share and solve the problems of your potential and existing clients
  • Testimonials are a great way to illustrate how you solved someone’s problems and promote customer satisfaction. How do you use your testimonials?

5 – Price does matter

Pricing too high, too low or too average, can all affect the outcomes for your business. If a business is ordering large quantities they will be price sensitive – how can you ensure you are the best solution.

  • Your price must match the look and feel of your business
  • Price too low and you may give the appearance of poor quality
  • What are your direct competitors pricing the same product or service?
  • How does the price reflect the image of your business?
  • Do you have enough room to make a profit?
  • Have you factored all your costs correctly? Materials, labour, rent, shipping, development etc.
  • Have you got flexibility in your pricing if the client wants to negotiate?
  • Is your pricing easy to understand?
  • Can you personalise the pricing for each business size? Discount for large volumes! Discount for repeat orders!
  • Are there payment options available and are these suitable for your clients?
  • Does the cost of your product or service take into account any post-purchase support that may be needed?

6 – Networking matters

B2B business can benefit from networking their business. They will benefit from getting out and about and meeting new people.6 Tips for Business to Business Marketing

  • Local, national and international events may all be relevant to your business.
  • Research which ones will be beneficial to your business and don’t forget the industry-specific ones.
  • Networking can happen online too through social media.
  • Consider sending emails that complement achievements rather than market your business. This is a soft touch approach that can work to build existing and future relationships.


It is all hard work – small business and marketing that small business is not easy! You need to take a structured approach and it needs to be different to how you would market directly to a consumer. My Sassy Business understands this and offers bespoke services to everyone. Ask today how the team at My Sassy Business can help you.

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