6 things your email subscribers want from you

Do you have a list of client email addresses that you are not really sure what to do with? This list is far more valuable than you may realise and you should be staying in regular contact with your list. 

What is an email list

An email list is a database of email addresses of people who interacted with your business. Perhaps they subscribed or did business with you in some form, ultimately they know about your business.

An email list is not one that you have purchased and are planning to send bulk emails too. This is spam and is against Australia’s email spam laws.

Note: Each email that you send must have the option to unsubscribe or you will be breaking spam laws.

Social Media vs Email Marketing

You may be thinking that you have social media to engage with your ideal clients on a regular basis and this is true.

However, you may also realise that not everyone who follows you sees what you post to social media. The social media algorithms control and limit the exposure that all business get so it is much harder to get in front of your ideal clients.

Email marketing, on the other hand, has your message going straight to the subscribers’ inbox ready for them to open.

Here you need to ensure that you use:

  • A great subject line
  • Personalisation
  • Mobile responsiveness

Remember that even social media sites want your email address, you are their subscribers.

Social media and email marketing work hand in hand to get your business top of mind to your followers and your subscribers.

6 things your email subscribers want from you

  1. Personal communication that is relevant to the person opening the email
  2. Not to be bombarded with emails
  3. Targeted information to action, to click through and read more or click through to potentially purchase.
  4. Exclusive content so that the recipient feels special
  5. To have their day, week or month enhanced by your email
  6. Fulfilment of their need to search for this information or products, saving them time.

Personal Communication

Make sure you create your emails with personalisation. When you use software like Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Send in Blue or many others, you have options for personalisation.

You can use the name of your subscriber to intro the email but you can also have the email send from your email address. Please don’t use a ‘donotreply@yourbusiness.com.au’ address as the sender, this is just not personal at all and should be reserved for big business only. 

Not too many

Depending on your business you need to decide on how often you are going to send emails. For some companies daily can work, particularly retail. However weekly or monthly is usually expected by your subscribers. Weekly for retail is usually plenty so that you avoid people unsubscribing because they are getting too many emails. 

By knowing who your ideal clients are, you also know what they expect from being subscribed to a business like yours.

Inciting action

Just after someone has subscribed via your website a welcome email is both expected and essential. It is a great time to send a discount, remind people about your social media, and generally thank them for subscribing.


If by subscribing you have given them an ebook, make sure that this sends or is available immediately.

Potentially your email subscribers can receive content that is not available anywhere else or special offers that are for subscribers only. You can share behind the scenes views of upcoming projects or products. Invite only emails for ebooks or webinars.

What exclusive content could you be offering?


The majority of people are subscribing so that they are receiving content which enhances their day, week, month. Sure we all have times that we cull our inboxes and unsubscribe but this is generally because that content no longer serves our needs.

As a business sending emails you need to ensure that you are fulfilling your ideal clients’ needs in each email.


People are using their emails several times each day.

How often do you look at your email? Every person who uses the internet has at least one email account.

Email marketing provides you with a way to ensure that your subscribers receive information directly from your business. These emails save your subscribers time as they do not need to go searching for the content or products you are sending direct to their inbox.


By regularly staying in touch with your subscribers via email you are remaining top of mind when they need something. How are you going to use your email database in the future?

If you need help with your email marketing, contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business

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