6 Secrets about contact pages

‘Website contact page – This page of your website is essential in building confidence in your business. People can see where you are, if you are local and ultimately if they want to do business with you.’

The humble contact page on your website is far more important than you realise. There are secrets to ensuring you are covering all the information that your visitors required to feel confident about doing business with you. 

Having the right details and ensuring your visitors’ user experience is the best it can be is essential.

1 – Forms that require too much information.

Many websites owners create forms that are going to do the bulk of the work for them. While this is an essential item for many businesses, you must also have separate details for people who just want to contact you without the form.

2 – Making it a search and rescue mission just to find your contact page and details.

Some websites make it impossible to find the contact page and even rename it to something else entirely. Crazy!

  • Just call it ‘contact’
  • Have it in your menu
  • Have it in your footer
  • Ensure it has all your information

3 – No contact page at all.

Can you believe it, some websites have no contact page or information at all. While no business owner wants to be bothered with time wasters you are also alienating people who need more information. There is a large percentage of shoppers who will not buy from a website unless they feel it is a real entity. Or they may wish to know if you are local or an essential question.

4 – You only have a form.

Further to point one, you only have a form on your website. Please make sure to add your email, phone number and location (even if it is just the suburb). Not everyone will use a form and by adding your actual details people are less concerned with an automated collection of their data.

5 – Not up to date.

This is the ultimate frustration and it happened to my husband. He looked up an item he wanted to buy, saw they had a shop about 30minutes away. Fantastic, he wanted to look at the item. The shop address and opening hours were on the website, easy. Drove to the shop and was unable to find it, looked up the phone number and called, at least they had a phone number. He was then informed that they haven’t had the shop for 5 years, yes 5 years and are online only.

Need I say more – go right now and update your contact page.

6 – SEO.

The right details on your contact page actually work to improve your SEO. Yes, that right you re improving your SEO just by making the above choices.

Essential items for your contact page.

  • An actual contact page that is called ‘contact’ and is easy to find in your menu
  • Phone number
  • Email address – to combat scraping of your website you can add your email as an image or you can write it like this. name[at]something[dot]com
  • Address or suburb locality
  • Contact form relevant to your business and not more information requirements than you actually need for that first interaction.
  • A thank you message following the submission of your form
  • A Captcha on your form that is easy to read
  • Your social profiles if people can connect with you that way
  • No other distractions – people just want your contact information

Take the time to review your contact page on your website and make improvements today. If you need help contact My Sassy Business. 

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