6 Questions to ask every client

Every small business should know the answers to all of these questions from every client! While these questions are posed for the client or customer at different stages they are incredibly valuable for you to know the answers to.

If you don’t have the answers you will be missing out on new business, old business and current business. Not to mention the chances of your business growing and improving to meet the demand of your customers is almost impossible.

How did you find us?

This could be social media, Google, personal referral, local ad, local directory, vehicle signage, etc.

Make sure that if the answer is Google – ask what they typed in to search for. This will help you to improve your website further and know if your efforts are working.

If the answer is a referral from someone, make sure that you thank that person or business directly. This will ensure that you get more referrals in the future from that person. As an example, I received a lovely handwritten card from someone thanking me for recommendations and referrals. It made my day!

What problems are you hoping we can solve?

Naturally, this will vary depending on the type of business that you have. For example, a client may think they need a sign at their storefront and that is enough. Upon speaking to a sign company they receive a package price to also wrap their vehicle, produce brochures and gain promotion via the sign businesses social media. When clients allow the expert to help them they can gain more and the business can gain more too.

What made you choose us?

If a client has gained several quotes and then come back to you – why? This may be price, customer service, good feeling, perceived value, or anything else but it is essential to know so that you can replicate and improve this over time. You will know the advantage that you have over your competitors. It can also be helpful to know if you were not chosen and the reason for that so you can do better in the future.

Would you refer us to someone else?

This is a key question and a perfect opportunity to teach people how they can refer to you. Often people are busy and never think about referring to anyone until it is mentioned. If you develop your clients into referral machines, they will work for you and cost you nothing.

Will you write us a testimonial on Facebook or Google?

If your clients are happy there is nothing wrong with prompting them to write you a testimonial. By them writing one online and away from your website it leaves it as independent and more believable. These online testimonials also improve your Google ranking and can lead to more clients.

Is there anything we could do better?

Often this question is tricky to ask, as your ego may not want to hear the answer. Hopefully, the answer is “no” but if it happens to be “yes”, then you need to listen with both ears. This feedback is invaluable to you improving this customers experience and your future customer’s experiences. If you are able to improve this customers experience as you have their feedback, chances are, they will be a raving fan in the future. Try it and see.

What questions are you going to ask your clients?

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