3 problems with email marketing

Regardless of the type of business, you have email marketing can work for you. The problem is so often, email marketing is done in an uninspiring way. Sure it is much easier for e-commerce, they just send through all their exciting new products or a sale they are having and chances are the sales come flooding in. Some businesses still make a few mistakes, so if you are B2B or B2C this blog will have some tips to get your emails working. Knowing your ideal client is key, so if you are still unsure, speak to Kelly @ My Sassy Business and get the understanding you need.

Email headers are boring

If you are still sending newsletters out that say April Newsletter – STOP IT IMMEDIATELY. Not one person wants to see this title and you would be lucky if anyone actually bothers to open it before hitting the delete or unsubscribe button. Now, I am not saying that you need clickbait as that breaks some email marketing laws but you need to tell people why they need to read on. Is there a discount, an offer, some content that will change the persons’ day?

There is no entertainment

When you send out an email newsletter does it require people to do something? Is it visual and does it ask the viewer to interact? Along with information, as consumers, we love to be entertained or incentivised to do something. To click for more, to watch a video or GIF, consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that is fun and inspiring. A simple GIF or video means that your message is 65% more likely to be remembered, responded and engaged with compared to a text-only email.

They are so impersonal

Personalisation has certainly become more popular as this allows the reader to feel as though you know who they are. That the business has invested in creating an email that makes me want to buy from them again or in the future. If you have a subscription offer, adding a persons’ name into your database or mail outs make your emails far more personal. Using services like Mail Chimp or Campaign Monitor gives you the ability to personalise your emails easily.


Here are a few things to set up:

  • Welcome emails – provide a great first impression of your company by offering an incentive to purchase again or to just say thanks.
  • Confirmation of purchase – A recent purchase means that the consumer is more likely to open your email and see what you have to say or offer.
  • Confirmation of shipping – Keeps your customer in the loop of what is happening with their order and when they can expect their delivery.
  • Abandoned Cart – Use these to encourage people back to their shopping cart.
  • Reminders – Personalisation of the email increases your click-through rate
  • Birthdays or Anniversaries – Make your customer feel special with a special offer just for them.
  • Re-engagement – Time to access clients who may not have shopped for a while and get your business back top of mind.


Here are a few things to set up:

  • Personalisation – If you can address your emails to the individual you are sending them too.
  • Welcome emails – provide a great first impression of your company by offering an incentive to purchase again or to just say thanks.
  • Inspire with the header – Make the title of the newsletter interesting.
  • Engage – Write your newsletter requesting the reader to do things, click through, watch a video, etc.
  • Consistency – Be consistent, don’t start and stop, commit to a regular schedule so you remain top of mind.
  • Reminders – These can relate to your industry for dates, events and more


A survey done by Campaign Monitor states that on average the ROI on every $1 spent is $44. Obviously, this survey includes e-commerce within the results – I know I love it when my favourite stores send me an email with lovely new items. It means that I am clicking through and filling a shopping cart and buying immediately. I don’t expect that B2B emails would yield the same average, but it is something to aim for, or perhaps you are already smashing this statistic through the roof. 

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