3 marketing channels you shouldn’t ignore

As small business owners, we have plenty of options when it comes to marketing our business.

With all these choices how do we know which one is the best ones for our small business?

Naturally, you should be looking at the marketing channels that are going to provide you with a great return on your investment. Plus you should be looking at several channels so that you are not putting all your eggs into one basket.

Traditional marketing – Yes, we have traditional marketing channels like a flyer in the letterbox, through to TV and Radio. These all have their place, TV and radio are providing an expensive way to market your business. If you are still doing letterbox drops – What is your return on investment?

Across all marketing channels, these 3 marketing channels bellow will provide small business with the highest return on your investment. They are too good to ignore!

So what are the 3 marketing channels you shouldn’t ignore

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Emarketing


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps your business to appear organically in the Google search results (non-advertising).

The pages of your website and its helpful content will appear when your ideal clients are searching for what you have on offer. The more traffic your website gets the more leads and ultimately the more sales.

SEO is a longterm strategy which builds longterm results and revenue.

SEO allows your business to focus on all stages of your marketing strategy. You can attract researchers (of your product/service) through to people who are ready to buy and every stage in between.

Many people trust the organic results over paid advertising as Google is showing them what they are truly looking for. If you are ignoring SEO then this is one area that your business may be missing out on gaining longterm success.


Pay per click marketing like Google Ads can provide an excellent return on investment and immediate results.

Are your products or services what people are searching for on Google?

It is a marketing channel that can give you almost endless statistics and according to Google provides on average $8 back for every $1 spent.

There are other PPC methods of advertising but Google Ads will provide you with the best return on your investment.


Email Marketing is the final piece of the 3 piece puzzle and one of the best ways to get up close with your email contacts. Emarketing can nurture your followers to build loyalty and to take subscribers from awareness to purchase and then to repurchase. Statistically, emarketing has shown to return an average of $44 for every $1 spent with the retail businesses able to capitalise on this number the most.

Emarketing is for all businesses and the most direct way that you can stay in touch with your email list.


Marketing your business is essential and finding the right way to market your business will give you the success that you are looking for. Sharing that marketing across a few areas will expand your reach and lead people to your business from a variety of online mediums.

If you are not spreading the word about your business how are people going to find you in a busy market place?

You may have a beautiful website but if you are not exposing your business across the internet and to peoples inboxes how are they going to know and remember who you are?

Make sure you contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business if you need help with SEO, PPC or Emarketing for your business.

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