22 Micro Business Ideas

The world of micro business is growing every day. Microbusiness ideas and new business are starting in people homes over a coffee.

Micro Business definition – a business that operates on a very small scale with more than half the new enterprises are sole proprietorships or micro-businesses with no more than two employees.

Do you have a micro business idea or are you search for one that you can run easily from your home or a small office?

Here are 22 ideas to give you inspiration.

  1. Day Care – In your home, you can provide a daycare environment with approval from your local council. The costs are fairly minimal and your local council can provide you with all the information you need.
  2. Mummy Nanny – If you have small children yourself you can take in other children as a mummy nanny. This business is very micro but may just bring in the extra cash you need.
  3. Dog walking – This industry is growing as pet owners are busy and still want the dogs to be exercised each day.
  4. Pet minding – Animals are often happier when they are in their own home when the family is away. Family pet sitting can be an ideal micro business.
  5. Pet services – Beyond dog walking, pets also need to have check-ups, go to groomers and more.
  6. Dog training – If you have experience in this area there can be little or no cost to set up. People are looking to source training that comes to them rather than attend a school for their pets. Particularly if there are at-home behaviours that need modifying.
  7. Freelance writing/editing – If you are an experienced writer you can grow yourself quite a micro business. So long as there is a need for content there is a need for writers and editors.
  8. Resume writing – Perhaps you have an HR background or recruitment training and you know just how to word the perfect resume. Lot’s of people need help with this and can benefit from outsourcing the process to get their resume just right.
  9. Hand Made – If you have great hand made skills you can sell your wares at the markets, online, eBay, Etsy.
  10. Graphic Design – Many graphic designers are able to create a micro-business from home or as a freelancer. Logo design can be a niche alone or you can work on other projects specific to your skill type.
  11. Consultant – If you have a particular skill set that can lend itself to a consultant role, setting up a micro-business may suit you.
  12. Concierge – Running errands for people who are too busy to do things themselves. Groceries, dry cleaning, gift buying, arranging trades and more can all be part of this type of service.
  13. Uber Driver – This is the ideal micro business, as you only need yourself and your car to get going.
  14. Music Lessons – A lifelong passion for a musical instrument or two can lend you to being a tutor. Students make great tutors if they are looking to have a micro business while they study.
  15. School tutor – Another for students or for teachers. Tutors are in high demand for all levels of school and university.
  16. Language lessons – A tutor or lessons in conversation if you are lucky enough to know more than one language.
  17. Virtual assistant – Many small businesses as they grow, start to outsource aspects they struggle to find time for.
  18. Cleaner – Micro business as a cleaner is very common with many cleaners working alone on all their jobs.
  19. Sewing and alterations – This micro business can easily be operated from home and can be quite a busy little niche business.
  20. Event Organizer – Are you great at planning and arranging events? This could just be the micro-business for you.
  21. Catering – Event catering, can be a micro business where you are only looking after small events.
  22. Personal Chef – This type of business sees you enter people’s homes and cook for them to celebrate a special occasion.

Do you need help marketing your own micro-business idea, please contact Kelly at My Sassy Business! You will receive, honest and practical advice to grow your small business today.

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