If you are still unsure about using social media for your small business, you are missing out on a valuable marketing tool. There are more than 15 advantages of social media marketing, but here are some for you to consider.

Social media MUST be part of your overall marketing strategy.

It will provide you with the following:

  • Brand recognition
  • Website Traffic 
  • Engagement with your followers and more

SMM or social media marketing uses social media platforms to connect with your audience via sharing content. 

Your brand/business

Social media is perfect if you want something that will positively impact, build trust, create loyalty, and humanise your business. 

You can humanise your brand with the ability to show off others enjoying your products and services. Plus, you can share your business behind the scenes to build trust and credibility. 

Engaging your followers

Unlike traditional media, social media is just that; it is social. You and your followers can engage with each other. 

You can gain your customer’s perspectives via immediate feedback as a business owner. By sharing your product or service and asking for feedback, you can understand what people are looking for. You can also share the best ways to use your product or service, which can ultimately lead to happier customers. 

Connecting customer service

Social media is not just about reacting to unhappy customers; if yours is, you are doing something wrong in your business. Instead, social media can offer a way for people to get in touch with your business instead of sending an email. 

Improving your leads/sales 

By successfully marketing your business on social media, you should be able to improve your leads/sales. Social media is a great touch point that people may look at if they are researching your business to get an idea of what you are like. 

If the average person spends a couple of hours on social media daily, you want your business to be visible and able to be found. 

Having a voice

Your company has a voice on social media.

Perhaps you are sharing your industry insights on LinkedIn and Facebook. Or you are using Facebook and Instagram to show your knowledge and build trust. 

Social media allows you to stand out as a leader in your industry and share your business with more people. 

(SERP) Search engine result page

Did you know that Google pulls content from social media? 

It takes content from social media platforms and inserts it into its search results. If you successfully use social media marketing, you also increase your SERP presence. 

Sharing articles and blogs you write on social media is another excellent way to draw in people who make their way to your website. 

If you can answer questions for your audience via social media, you may also increase your search results in Google. 

Traffic to your website

As mentioned above, sharing a recent blog article excerpt is a great way to send traffic to your website. However, all your social media posts should help people to understand why they should choose your business. 

If you share great (consistent) content, social media helps increase your website traffic by driving people to your website. 

Remember that social media is social, so your business should be visible via comments on other people’s posts. This can lead to people checking out your business from another post.

Finding new audiences

Social media allows you to reach a whole new range of people. Think about Instagram’s explore page and how they suggest posts in your feed. Social media itself wants you to be discovered by more people. 

Affordable advertising via social media means reaching people you target via specific demographic choices. It is wise to include paid ads as part of your overall strategy alongside organic posts. 

Social listening

What are your customers saying about your business or your products and services on social media?

How can you learn and grow from this and improve your business? 

A return on social media

Organic posts – these are free for you to share on social media 

Paid ads and boosted posts – these will cost you money to share 

Both of the above social media options will give you a return for your business. These returns will vary depending on the industry and the followers/customers it has.

Remember that the more places your business appears online, the more chances you have of being found.

Ecommerce retargeting

Installing the Facebook pixel on your website will allow paid ads to retarget people.

It gives them a reminder of your business and the products you have on offer. Statistics show that 3 out of 4 people pay attention to these ads, and 26% will return to your website. 

What about the competition

Do your direct competitors have a significant social media presence? Or are they doing things that make it easier for you to be more visible than they are? 

Are your competitors lazy on social media, making it easier for you to leap ahead and show your business online? 

Could your competitors provide you with ideas to borrow and create your unique spin?

Brand collaborations & partnerships

Are there other businesses that complement your business?

Could you work together (collaborate) on a campaign to share your business with their followers and their business with your followers?

Is there an influencer/creator with an audience you would like to show your business in front of? Could you work with them to share your business and show off your products or services? 

Trending in your industry

Social media platforms like Instagram allow you to follow Hashtags. It is the perfect way to see what is being shared and tagged on a particular topic or location. 

Do you look at or follow hashtags on Instagram to see what other people are sharing with these hashtags? 

Finding staff

My final advantage of using social media marketing is for finding staff. I am not just talking about LinkedIn, either, and all platforms are a great way to advertise for staff. 

One of your followers who is passionate about your business could be the perfect candidate for your newest role. 

What advantages are for your business

If you are ready to improve your social media marketing and utilise one of the many social media marketing advantages, then contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business. 

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