10 Reasons why your website is killing you

To say that small business NEED to have a website is pretty standard. However, did you know that the average life of a website is only 2 years!

For example: if your website is older than 2 years it may be costing you new and existing business. Below are 12 reasons that could be costing you and your business.

  1. Mobile responsiveness – If you do not have a mobile responsive website you are going to be losing clients. Due to the high number of searches via mobile devices, Google is penalizing business (via search results) those who do not have mobile responsive websites. More than 50% of internet searches are done via a mobile device and people expect your website to work. If your website is not mobile responsive people may go elsewhere. Google mobile-friendly test
  2. Visually relevant – Your website must have up to date photos that are relevant to your business today. It must appeal to your new and existing client base and be visually relevant. Out of date images can make people think that your business is also out of date.
  3. Coding – If your website has been around for a while the source code may no longer be valid. You may have excessive source code that can be removed to make your website run faster. Every year web standards change and improve, techniques change and modern techniques like CSS radically improve.
  4. Call to action – What calls to action are you using on your website? Do people travel through your site and find a reason to contact you or to purchase from you? How has your business changed since you first created your website?
  5. Content – Is your content relevant to your business today? When did you last update or review your content? Remember that Google loves new content so updating your information and regularly blogging can give Google a reason to rescan your site.
  6. Up to date software – Once your website software gets outdated you run the risk of things breaking. Some platforms like WordPress and the plugins that are used by WordPress update as often as monthly. If you never update any of your website you run the risk of issues. Note: The updates themselves can cause issues so they are best done by your website professional.
  7. Latest SEO – Search engine optimization grows and changes, it is not just a set and forget thing. Your SEO professional should be making changes to your site at least on a monthly basis.
  8. Website speed – If your site is on a poor hosting platform or it is using outdated technology it may run very slowly. A slow website may cause your visitors to go elsewhere.
  9. Easy to update – Make sure that your website is easy to update. I highly recommend WordPress for this reason. You want to be able to make simple changes to your site without having to pay someone to do it for you.
  10. No access for hackers – If your website is up to date, has the latest versions of its software you are less likely to be hacked. Don’t just think you are safe because you are a small business with few customers. Hackers try to destroy platforms and if you are part of a platform and your software is not current, you are open to hackers. The last thing you want is to have your site with malware added and then need to have a costly repair or replacement done.

Don’t let this entire list scare you. Remember that your website is your storefront. You wouldn’t have an old and messy storefront and expect that your business would grow and entice people to do business with you.

PS: Make sure you are integrated with social media. This way people can share your business on their social media or they can follow your social media accounts.

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