Why micro business are the new black

Small Business, Micro Business, Solopreneur, Flying Solo, Niche Business, Boutique Business, micro-entrepreneurs, etc

Whatever you want to call yourself micro business are fast becoming more and more the standard in business. So many of us are looking to buy or receive something new and unique – micro-niche businesses can fulfil this.

These types of businesses operate on a small scale with low overheads and aim to offer a little need or range. They will be owned and operated by one person. You may have noticed many of these types of businesses popping up everywhere.

Microbusiness gives consumers the choice of business they perhaps feel an affinity to or would like to support. Perhaps it is another Mum in business, an artist, crafter, environmental product, travel agent, lawyer and more. The need to do business with a large company is going away

Technology has been a huge driver in the ability of a business to be smaller but to reach further. Websites and Social Media allow even the smallest of businesses to arrive at a global audience.

Which micro businesses do you already do business with?

The benefits of running a micro business

  • More affordable to start up
  • Lower operating costs
  • Less competition when in a niche market
  • Focused on a precise service/product offering
  • Skills honed to create a better business
  • Easier to market and target ideal clients
  • Passions will shine through
  • Better customer service
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Ease of collaboration with other micro-businesses
  • Little or no need to employ staff
  • Can be run from a home office or small office

Office Inspiration Small Business

Microbusiness operators

  • Likely to be influencers in their field
  • Consumers are likely to be keen followers of their social media
  • Can steal away market share from the big companies
  • Maybe a YouTuber
  • Maybe Instagram famous
  • Maybe a school Mum
  • Maybe a school Dad
  • Maybe a blogger
  • Maybe an author
  • Maybe your gardener


Keep your eyes peeled open as the micro-business community continues to grow. There will be more and more specialised concepts hitting the marketplace.

If you are looking to start a micro-business, there is no better time.

Make the choice yourself to also do business with micro-entrepreneurs.

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