The Positives of Negative reviews

It is very common for people to leave reviews for businesses, both good and bad reviews.

As consumers, we also like to read reviews about a business before we do business with them. As business owners, you may ask your customers to leave reviews about your business too. I think that as consumers if we see that a business has a vast majority of positive reviews they must be doing something right. One or two negative reviews are bound to happen as it is impossible to please everyone’s expectations all of the time.

When a business has a lot of reviews it can improve their search engine results and help them gain new clients. It can express that you have MANY satisfied customers that are so happy they need to tell someone. It can also provide an opportunity for bad reviews, disgruntled staff, competitor attacks and more.

So you receive a negative review – what now?

  • You can contact the platform that holds the review – chances are almost nil that they will remove it.
  • You can join the conversation – from here you can apologise, acknowledge and rectify the problem, then ask for the review to be updated to reflect the resolution.
  • You can ignore it – If you have hundreds or thousands of reviews chances are there are going to be a few unhappy people
  • You can highlight the positive as part of the public response – I have 35 other positive reviews
  • You can have your own review page/testimonial page on your website – this way you are in control
  • You can ask your clients for reviews on other platforms like Google, Facebook, etc.
  • You can just let be – not all reviews are going to be perfect, so customers are never going to be happy
  • You can bury the bad review with positive reviews – If you have tried everything then just keep asking your happy customers for their reviews and soon the one bad one will be buried.

The Positives

As a business owner and particularly if you have staff, you may never realise that you have an unhappy customer until you get a bad review.

Receiving a bad review or bad feedback gives you the opportunity to rectify the situation and perhaps create the happiest customer you have ever had. An unhappy customer can quickly be turned into your biggest advocate because you took the time to listen to their problem and fixed it.

If you don’t receive bad feedback or a negative review you may be in a position where an unhappy customer tells people. Some unhappy customers are known to tell more people than happy customers do. This is not ideal, as you have no control over it at all.


  • Embrace the negatives and make them positives
  • Know that you will NEVER please everybody
  • Ask for reviews, they are valuable for your SEO
  • Keep up the good work by under-promising and over-delivering – this way you have more chance to exceed expectations

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