Office Inspiration

Recently My Sassy Business began an Instagram account @mysassybusiness_ and posting office inspiration has been very popular. A change this week from the usual wordy blogs and to one that I hope inspires everyone with a dedicated office space.

There are many benefits to having a dedicated office space for your business. This space may be at home, in a shared working environment or your own dedicated space. Here a few reasons for creating your own space.

  • It should be removed from the home environment and distractions to ensure that you are productive.
  • Feels like a real place to do business – important for new businesses to keep the best mindset.
  • Meeting clients is far more professional.
  • You have a dedicated space to commit to achieving your goals, home or away.
  • If you are paying rent and needing to travel to your space you have to make it pay for itself and more.

Inspiration Wall

Office Inspiration Small Business

Love these inspiration walls for the office; with dreams, ideas, projects, etc. whatever you are working on or wanting to be inspired by can be clipped onto the wire rack or pinned to a board.

Stylish Office

Office Inspiration Small Business

This to me looks like a home office, but it could equally be somewhere special in a business or corporate environment. An architect or draftsperson looks right at home in the light bright room, and it appears very professional for any visiting clients. The choice of chairs looks practical and comfortable for those days when you are glued to the computer.

Dedicated Professional Office

Office Inspiration Small Business

Looks to be a factory conversion here with a large window outlook, plenty of desk space and a little storage under the desk. The chairs don’t look very comfortable so perhaps these entrepreneurs don’t spend much time sitting here.

Home Office

Office Inspiration Small Business

It looks like a roof space has been converted to create this home office with a straightforward and elegant design. It has room for two people to complete work and hopefully some nearby storage that isn’t visible. Love the clean lines and simple design.

Office for One

Office Inspiration Small Business

This design seems to be the perfect fit for a solo operator with a to-do chalkboard on the wall and seating for one. The wall of ideas and inspiration is appealing, not to mention the fresh flowers to achieve homeliness.

Bloggers wall

Office Inspiration Small Business

Fresh flowers and framed travel inspiration, pink hues and lovely things show a very feminine feel. This bloggers wall would be a great backdrop to a Vlog or perfect Instagram image.

Black and White

Office Inspiration Small Business

For some, keeping their office plain and free from distraction is key. This alcove office could be at home or in a commercial office suite and its simplistic design is tidy for the blogger, solopreneur or entrepreneur.

Inspiring Space

Office Inspiration Small Business

These two spaces feel very comfortable and just how an office should be. Those of us that work in an office should make our spaces as personal and as inspiring as they can be. Choose colours and items that you love and make your office the perfect place to be.

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