How boring is your blog? Tips to improve your blog today!

Is there only the sound of crickets each time you publish a blog?

Are your blog statistics only in single digits as it is only you and your family who read your blog?

Could you use a few tips to improve things?

If you have a small business or e-commerce website a blog can be amazing for your business. You will be regularly adding new content to your site – something that Google loves. You may also have a stand-alone blog, which you are trying to drive into a business. Blogging when done well should drive people to your business/website and lead to an increase in your revenue.


Writing can be a challenge but the more you do it the easier it becomes. It is vital that once you start your blog, you continue your blog and you continue with a schedule. Don’t just blog when you feel like it or when you have free time. If you are going to blog weekly, then that must continue for the life of your business blog.

Types of blogs

eCommerce blog

Blogging is the perfect marketing tool for all types of businesses. An e-commerce business is no exception. In your blog, you can talk about products, how to use them, why they are great etc. You can write about events, product launches, share a personal touch and more.

Educating blog

If you sell a service, a blog can be incredibly helpful for teaching potential and existing clients about your expertise. You can share your knowledge, but not everything – just enough to keep people interested and wanting to learn more. It will help to show you as an expert in your field and make people feel comfortable with the potential of doing business with you.

Blogging Blog

If you have a topic that you are passionate about then your business may purely be a blog. It may cover tips and talk, product reviews and more. Fashion blogs, Family blogs, Children blogs, House blogs to name a few.

How boring is your blog

What type of blog do you have or wish to have?

Ways it could be boring

  • Your title doesn’t grab people’s attention and encourage them to read on
  • Your grammar is terrible
  • The content is too short
  • The content is long but irrelevant
  • You use far too many technical terms
  • No one is reading it
  • It isn’t generating any business
  • You dread writing it
  • You are too scared to share it online or via email

Blogging Checklist

    • Do your keyword research
    • Prepare your content
    • Make sure it is around 500 words or more
    • Use bullet points
    • Use subtitles
    • Commit to a regular schedule
    • Use a tool like Grammarly

Instant Grammar Checker - Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing.

Here are the Elements of the Perfect Blog post from socialtriggers.com

Headline – Grab Attention so they read the opening insight

Image – Relevant and catchy

Opening insight – You have to capture the reader here

Sub-heading – Promise of the next bit of content being worthwhile to read

Content – Connect with the reader on an emotional level

Call to action – Click to tweet or expert quote

Sub-heading – Promise of learning

Content – Here is the learning or how to

Call to action – Buy or subscribe to everything else you offer

Now that you have tools to make your blog work for you, start writing and don’t stop until your blog is amazing.

If you need more help making things work – Speak to Kelly at My Sassy Business.

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