7 ways you need to fail

The following 7 ways you may have done and conquered already, you may still be doing or you may need to do. Either way by completing these 7 failures you will have a much higher chance of success and a lesser chance of succumbing to these failings.

“We learn from failure – Not from Success”

It is never about you – Being in business is not about you, it is all about your customer and the success that they achieve by spending their hard-earned money with you.

What is your why – If your only reason for starting a business is for potential wealth, potential freedom or potential independence then chances are you will fail?

“Don’t bury your failures – Let them inspire you”

Opportunity is a temptress – It must be more than just opportunity as opportunity alone is a shiny object. You must have a strategy, a purpose and a way of only choosing the best opportunities.

Cautiously fail – you don’t want to be the person who stops digging 1 metre from the treasure and you also don’t want to be the one banging their head on the brick wall either.

7 Ways you need to Fail

“I am not failed – My success is just postponed”

Lift others – Along your path make sure that you lift others, again it is not about you. When you have staff or help, inspire and lift them with your success. Then they too will want you to be successful.

Commit to your plan – Knowing who you are will help you to ultimately succeed in the long run.

“The only failure is when you say – I give up”

Choose to struggle differently – Don’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result, change something and your results will change.

So in finishing this blog – never be afraid to fail, learn quickly and move on, be inspired to greater things and make sure you learn. Learn from your previous mistakes and make wise choices so that they don’t happen again with you. Many a successful business person has stated that they would rather do business with someone who has previously failed than someone who has never failed. The person who has never failed has much to learn and learning can cost money.

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